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5 Apps You Should Have if You Love Blogging

Blogging is popular in the present world. There are more than 152 million blogs available on the web. What makes blogging attractive is the ease of use. You can sign up for any blogging website, get a free blogging account, and start showcasing your creativity. However, it requires a certain set of tools to make your blog influential and effective. Fortunately, many of the necessary tools for blogging are available for free for Android users. You should not end up using a low-quality tool after getting confused with the availability of so many options, so we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed the best blogging apps available for Android. Let’s scroll down and discover the apps which will help make your blogging better and easy.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a popular app among the blogging community. This app is used to edit, format, and watermark photos quickly and easily. Adobe Lightroom can be used to add quality photos to your blog and make your content more engaging. The benefit of Adobe Lightroom is that it is compatible with various operating systems, so you can access it from various devices. You can use this app with advanced editing tools for free on your Android smartphone. You can download Adobe Lightroom for free from Google Play Store.


Asana is an app designed to manage your blogging schedule. There might be times when you find your schedule messy and miss the important tasks just because you did not have enough time for that. Then Asana is there to help. This potent organization tool can manage blogging projects. Creating your tasks and subtasks allows you to manage your workflow on the project. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store and always stay on time with your tasks.


Blogging is all about staying updated with the latest trends and presenting your perspective amidst the trend. However, before you can present your point of view, it will require you to stay aware of what’s happening around the blogging world, and that is where FocusReader comes into play. FocusReader is an RSS reader that serves you with the most prominent blogs across the world, and reading them only makes your writing better. If you want to stay aware of what your competitors are writing about, then come with something entirely fresh, then FocusReader is a great choice. You can download FocusReader for free from Google Play Store.

Google Analytics

If you are serious about blogging, then writing a blog only is not going to be enough. Along with the regular writing, you also have to keep a track of how your blogs are performing among readers, and need to improve accordingly. Google Analytics helps you with this. Google Analytics makes very detailed statistics of your blog’s performance available for you, and you can judge your performance that way. Knowing the performance of your blog can help you in planning your blogs better. You can download Google Analytics for free from Google Play Store and use the basic features for free.

Google Drive

Google Drive is undoubtedly a useful tool for bloggers. This app allows you to write full-length blogs with Google Docs. The Google Sheets allow you to track important data, while Google Notes reminds you of the important tasks. The feature of storing photos and documents also deserves applause. Many bloggers use Google Drive for its one or another feature. Google Drive is a perfect tool to make writing simpler and the storage of your writings easier. You can download Google Drive from Google Play Store for free. The premium version of the app costs $1.99-$99.99 per month.

Blogging is popular in the modern web world, and the scale of popularity is going up only. To make your blog influential and successful, the role of quality content is very crucial, and various apps can help you in enhancing the quality of your content. Good management of your blog is also required to make it function efficiently, and fortunately, there are tools available for that as well. In this article, we have listed the best blogging apps available for Android. You can download and install these apps from Google Play Store and enhance your blogging career.

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